I’m so lost in a world that’s not my own. I’m stuck entwined between your bones and your heartbeat.
Fuck you. (via serenityandparadise)

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the worst part is
is that i can recite the exact curves on your body
in the dark
and that i can always find the perfect spot in your lips
and that even after all of this time,
i have the gleam in your eyes memorized
because i’m so homesick for the eyes that once looked at me as if i was heaven
instead of hell.

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If empires really fall like you say then my walls have been wrecked and there’s nothing left of the jaded pride I forced into existence by the leftover scars of past “love” except the rubble beneath your fingernails

I was never made of stone, I’ve always been easy to burn but I had to paint myself gray
As ashes that once glowed furious orange of “never again”

'Hell hath no fury' but Hell's never met you

I have never needed as much as I need you (via blacquebird)

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her eyes were the waste land;
dirty, dry mouths
but when she winked
you saw an oasis
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as people, I find we focus on the negative aspects of ourselves, never the good, and get stuck in vicious circles of self-destruction and hate. Instead of appreciation of what we have and are able to present to the world.
august: 15/2014 (via thoseforgottenwords)

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It feels like a lifetime ago that my hands last held yours, but my God, my heart still remembers how it felt when you loved me.
It’s okay if you want to come back (via ashrenaef)

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You said
‘You must have hope
or else you’ll drown’
I want to say
I’m already drowning,
but the salt water is
already filling up
my lungs
the ocean is swallowing me
how could I forget how to swim
(Melanie Exler strengthenizer)

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stop speaking.
be still. 
silence is not a sad metaphor.
embrace it for what it is, a 
quiet comfort.

realize: life is
life and pain is
pain. and sometimes
they go hand in 

think of how many times
you breathed today and
how many times you 
if you must,
bite your lips until
you bleed to remind
yourself you’re not dying.
you may be weak
but does God let go
of the weary? 

be still. 
be silent.

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I’ll give away
all my words
just to hear
three from you

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But I love him more than I love myself. And that’s how you lose people.
A book I’ll probably never end up writing (via learningtoloveeee)

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